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The Liquid Elements "Centriforce" polishing sponges or polishing pads are a revolution in car care. For these polishing sponges the best possible foam from German production was used. The specially developed vehicle care foam offers the best quality and promises a long service life. The specially designed hole in the center of the polishing sponges provides better cooling and generates centrifugal forces that center and better utilize the effect of the polish.
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Liquid Elements T3000 V2 Eccentric polisher 10 mm The improved version of the Liquid Elements T3000 with a better electronically robust interior and a better feel and appearance. The newly developed constant current electronics give this polishing machine a special plus in torque and therefore polishing performance. Unlike its predecessor, this machine has a lot of power even with higher loads. Almost like an eccentric polisher with forced rotation, the Liquid Elements T3000 V2 polishes itself through scratches and paint defects to get the perfect result to be achieved. Due to the eccentric movement of the Liquid Elements T3000 V2, there is a risk that the paint burns down to a minimum (as with rotating polishing machines), so this machine is also ideal for beginners. The Liquid Elements 900 Watt T3000 V2 "polishing machine is supplied in an attractive cardboard box, which is also ideal for transport. This box offers space for accessories, polishes, cloths, etc. The 6-speed polishing machine is ideal for every application, whether it is waxing a car or polishing scratches.