NERTA SKY WE 64 is a light alkaline, nano-molecular and strongly concentrated prewash agent to clean all types of cars or trucks

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NERTA SKY WE 64 is non-corrosive and contains a nano-size polishing agent that fills the small pores in the paint, creating a protective barrier at the molecular level that is smooth and shiny and repels dirt and water. With SKY WE 64 your car / truck must remain clean for a long time!

The nano-size polishers are so small that they soak under dead insects, detach them from the paintwork and make them easier to remove during normal washing. SKY WE 64 can also be used as a spray for insect removers.

SKY WE 64 is best used as a foam with a dosage of 3% -5% using the foam equipment. It is very economical to use due to its excellent coverage and residence time. This fast, easy-to-use cleaner gives an excellent cleaning result with much less physical effort than with standard traffic film removers, since no brushes are needed.

NERTA SKY WE 64 is a slightly alkaline, concentrated detergent with nano-molecular polishing components. It can be used in an automated system with brushes or by high-pressure cleaners with foam systems.


  • Easy to rinse
  • Removes insects
  • Freshly perfumed
  • Creates a high-gloss, dirt-resistant film

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Mijn eerste ervaring, een goed product.

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Fijne shampoo

Fijne shampoo om te gebruiken, schuimt zeer goed en weekt het vuil goed los. Als je je auto goed afspoelt dan droogt het vlekvrij op.

Verified purchase

Geweldig product

Ik ben altijd heel erg tevreden geweest over de SKY WE 64, eenvoudig te gebruiken, laat een geweldige afwerking achter en haalt zeker het vuil van de auto zodat je minder kans hebt om je lak te beschadigen. Doordat de shampoo zeer geconcentreerd is het ook zuinig in gebruik. Ook goed te gebruiken als snow foam!

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