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NERTA TC 2000 is a highly alkaline and concentrated prewash detergent with multifunctional applications in truck cleaning. Quickly removes dead insects.

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Applied as foam (with a dose of 3% -5% via the Nerta injector and foam lance) it is very economical to use due to its excellent coverage and residence time. A truck can usually be cleaned with less than 1 liter TC 2000. This fast and easy-to-use truck cleaner provides excellent cleaning with much less physical effort than with standard traffic film removers, since no brushes are needed, so it is ideal to use for cleaning. washing larger fleets, high cube trailers or in commercial cleaning machines. Any standard high-pressure cleaner can be connected to a Nerta foam system.


The chemical dosing speed of high-pressure cleaners varies considerably and they rarely deliver as low a dosage as Nerta systems. TC 2000 is highly concentrated, so for maximum economy and cleaning performance you must dilute TC 2000 to match your equipment. Test small batches, start with 1 part TC2000 to 9 parts water and gradually increase to 1 part TC 2000 to 3 parts water. Choose the lowest dilution that cleans well with a medium chemical setting on your high pressure cleaner. TC 2000 will work well with cold water, but gives better results when using hot water up to 40 degrees.


TC 2000 can also be applied with a pump sprayer with a dilution of 4%. This method works well when washing small fleets or with less powerful high-pressure cleaners. TC 2000 can also be used for MOT and chassis cleaning when applied in higher concentrations and with heat.

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